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                                                                         News- As of 6/2014 our entire flock has been tested and free of -


      1) CL   (Caseous Lymphadenitis)

                                              2) SRLV"s ( Small ruminant  lentiviruses) including OPP     

3) Brucella Ovis in rams.

                                                                 4) All sheep have been individually Genotyped for Scrapie Codon 171

                           5) Johne's disease                                              


About Us -

Shadow Mountain is located in scenic Western Washington in the shadows of the beautiful and majestic Mt. Rainier.  Here at Shadow Mountain we are truly dedicated to the preservation of this lovely breed and enjoy their exotic look and individual personalities.  Our flock has been brought in from around the country to add a wide range of pedigrees as well as different body types and looks.  We strive for a diverse flock both genetically and visually while staying within the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association (J.S.B.A.) standards. We give our ewes a lot of individual attention and they are treated more like pets than livestock. We only keep breeding stock sheep that are healthy and hardy and ewes that lamb easily and that are fantastic mothers. Our focus is on strong horns, good conformation, genetic diversity, quality spinning fleeces and the more unique lilac coloring as well as an overall quality animal that will bring others many years of pleasure raising Jacobs.. We choose not to show our sheep because of Bio-security hazards and as of 6/2014 have a tested and clear flock, We invite you to contact us with any questions regarding our sheep.  Thank you for considering sheep from us here at Shadow Mountain Jacobs.

About Jacob Sheep -

Jacobs are classified as a" threatened" breed by the Livestock Conversancy. Jacob sheep are an old world sheep breed believed to have originated in what is now Syria some three thousand years ago.  Pictorial evidence also traces movement of these sheep through North Africa, Sicily, Spain, and then to England.  American Jacobs have been kept primitive and natural keeping their original overall look.  Both rams and ewes have between 2-6 horns and their wool is a wonderful fine/medium type with or without crimp and little grease. Jacob meat is very lean and mild tasting with little waste and the taste is highly desirable. Lambs are born in early spring and grow quickly each having their own distinct personalities. . Smaller bodied and slender boned Jacob  sheep lamb easily, are great mothers and easy keepers showing some resistance to internal parasites and foot problems as well as fewer health problems in general. We find these multi-horned, spotted-fleeced beauties a pleasure to   keep and encourage you to learn more about them on the J.S.B.A. website.

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Jacob Sheep Breeders Association flock #0106  Member

USDA Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program Flock  #Wa-3069  2005 Enrollment


Jacob Sheep Conservancy Flock #12001  Member


American Livestock Breeds Conservancy   Member

Famacha  Certified

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