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Jacob fleeces are open, soft and light containing little lanolin. High yield, with a staple length of between 3-7 inches and a weight of 2 to 6 pounds with a healthy luster and sheen. Jacob fleeces are lofty and can be

with or without crimp. Some describe a sheared Jacob fleece likened to a "cobweb" when describing it's openness. Jacob fleeces are high in demand by hand spinners, felters and weavers. Fineness of fibers varies

per animal and can range from 36.19-23.5 microns. The amount of color ratio can vary between 15% to as much as 85% and each animal is different. Often you can see the tips of the fleece have sun faded to a lighter

shade and the fleece next to the skin is darker lending to a variety of colors on one animal. Fleeces can be color separated or blended together to produce a lovely natural grey that could be easily dyed.

   Good quality fleeces are a high priority here at Shadow Mountain.  We feed a high quality grass/alfalfa hay and a free choice organic sea kelp for added micro-nutrients that adds luster and softness to the wool. We shear in January/February and will post fleeces for sale after skirting. If you have questions about a particular fleece or would like a sample just let us know. Yes, we can ship.          


All our 2012 fleeces are sold!

Taking reservations for our 2013 fleeces now.


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Photo and Details

       Prices will be $12.00-$14.00

      per pound plus shipping.


  Weight- 2.62 lbs

     Length - 6 inches

Price- $36.68



2013 fleece reserved

for Sue

Rosemary's fleece is very soft and quite long with a good crimp. It sells out every year and is a wonderful color without any dyes or treatment. Her fleece is strong and washes up nicely and spins easily. It is a "next to the skin" quality fleece. She is a lilac colored Jacob and her fleece is freckle free.


 Weight- 2.60 lbs

    Length- 3,5 inches

Price- $36.40



2013 fleece reserved

for Sue

Darcy's fleece is quite fine and has a lot of dark color. The crimp is quite defined and very consistent from front to back. Because of the tighter crimp it is not as long as her   mother Rosemary's fleece. It is lovely and a denser fleece but still has an open quality and could easily be used as a close to the skin garment. A very high quality fleece! She is a lilac colored Jacob and her fleece is freckle free.

Ruby Gem    

  Weight- 2.24 lbs

   Length- 4 inches

Price- $31,36



2013 fleece reserved

for Sue

Ruby's fleece is of medium grade and very soft. It has a lovely crimp that is consistent

throughout and her colors may easily be separated if you choose. Her color is very dark and the white has just a few freckles in it. She is a lovely girl that always produces a

great quality fleece. She is a black and white Jacob.


 Weight- 1.96 lbs

      Length- 3.25 inches

Price- $27.44


2013 fleece reserved

for Robin

Grace has a lovely fleece. Her fleece is not your typical black/white color but has grayed early and is more like a true lilac color with a very bright white. It is lovely with an un-defined crimp and is of a finer micron count. It is a bit shorter than our other fleeces but still long enough to spin. Very consistent all around and fairly dense. I would use it just as it is. Grace is freckle free.




Weight- 1.34 lbs.

        Front half of fleece only

   Length- 4 inches

Price- $16.08


Pepper has a medium grade fleece that is a bit inconsistent in the back. the front of her fleece has a defined crimp to it but the back does not. It is a medium grade. She is a black and white Jacob and is freckle free.




  Weight- 2.05 lbs

       Length- 4.75 inches

Price- $28.70



2013 fleece reserved

for Robin

Anthem has a lovely fleece with an incredible soft handle to it. Her fleece was a bit dryer last year when she first came here but has change quite dramatically this year being in our wetter cooler climate.  Denser than average with a looser crimp and fairly long, it is lovely. Anthem is black and white and freckle free. I love touching her fleece!




Not for sale

Janine has an incredible fleece quality. Not only is she a beautiful girl but is producing a top notch fleece. Her fleece is long and fine with a very consistent crimp and has an unusual reddish tint to the ends of it. She is freckle free and this is her hogget fleece. Janine is a black and white Jacob.




     Weight- 2.07 lbs

      Length- 4 inches

Price $15.00


Theresa has a very dry fleece this year due only to the climate she came from. Her fleece has lots of dark color. I would recommend blending her fleece with a finer or softer type of fiber to improve the feel. Next year her fleece will have a much softer handle.  Theresa is a lilac colored Jacob and is freckle free.




    Weight- 1.80 lbs

         Length- 5.25 inches

Price $25.20

      11 months growth



2013 fleece is reserved

for Robin

Milo has a wonderful fleece quality. It is fine, a crimpy fiber that is so soft to the touch. This will be his first shearing and it will not be a full years growth so the full length will  not be there. It will be plenty long enough to spin and is a nice quality to wear next to the skin. Milo is a black and white Jacob and is freckle free. This is his hogget fleece.


  Weight- 1.16 lbs

        Length- 2.75 inches

Price- $16.24

     10 months growth


 Sahara has a superior fleece quality. His fleece is fine, crimpy and extremely consistent. He is young and smaller so it will not be as large as other fleeces but worth purchasing if you can get by with a smaller quantity. I love his fleece and he is a lilac and white color with no freckling. This is Sahara's hogget fleece. Did I say I love his fleece?  ( smile )


      Length- 3.25 inches

 Weight- 1.32 lbs

Price- $18.48

         8 1/2 months growth



2013 fleece reserved

for Robin

Magic was a highly welcome addition for us. He is the son of our own Shadow Mountain Kelso and is from the flock dispersal of Eagle Creek Jacobs owned by Jackie Shedd. I saw a photo of him when he was younger and liked his looks but did not ask for a fleece sample. When I unloaded him I checked his fleece and was so very pleased with the quality of his fiber. Lovely in every way. Softness, crimp, length, consistency, he has it all. I just may keep this one for myself. Magic is a lilac and white Jacob, this is his hogget fleece and is freckle free.


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