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  We are proud to offer unique and diverse pedigrees to our flock with lots of older lines and some newer ones as well. Please click on the sheep's name to bring up their pedigree.

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Rockie's Garth


Unzicker Merilee

J.S.B.A. C065-11

D.O.B. 2/03/2011

45% black/white twin 4 horn ram.



Unzicker Milo-  A masculine 4 horn ram from Ivy Brook Meadows in Pa.

Milo holds great promise as a flock sire with his strong horns and great fleece.

He is quickly proving himself as a valuable flock sire for us. He brings in new

bloodlines for us and we plan to have him around for a long time. Milo's lamb fleece tested at 25.8.



Kenleigh's Reno


Kenleigh's Mollala

JSBA Pending

D.O.B. 2/12/2015

25% lilac/white twin 2 horn ram



 Kenleigh's Milligan -  A handsome ram with nice wide horns, pretty crimpy fleece and from a sire I have admired for years. We will let him grow out for a year and get registered before we use him in the fall of 2016.




Sherack Dually


Sherack Isabella

J.S.B.A. C106-12

D.O.B. 3/10/2011

40% lilac/white twin 4 horn ram


Moose Mountain P.B. - (Pretty Boy)-  P. B. was bred at Moose Mountain Ranch in Colorado. He comes from a background heavy with very old bloodlines, totally unrelated to our flock. He has substantial size to his horns and a nice finer fleece and impressive conformation..




Eagle Creek Magic


Shadow Mountain Darcy

J.S.B.A. B020-15

D.O.B 1/16/2014

45% lilac/white twin 2 horn ram





Shadow Mountain Honor- Honor is a homegrown fast growing lamb that will replace his sire Magic. His fleece is my ideal type and is consistent from top to bottom and front to back, I couldn't ask for a nicer fleece. He has good coloring and nice horns coupled with his icy blue eyes are a few of the reasons why we are retaining him as our flock sire. 



Adult Ewes  





Newberry's Ulysses


Sheep Lane Eve


J.S.B.A. C084-10

D.O.B.  1/21/2007

35% black/white twin 4 horn ewe


Newberry's Anthem (Annie)- Anthem is a stately, larger 4 horn ewe from the Newberry  flock. Anthem has great horns and is a wonderful mother. I love the way this ewe is put together and she has the prettiest gold and blue eyes.



Rolling Hills Robert


Pinecroft Deirdre


J.S.B.A. D037-06

D.O.B. 3/01/2006

75% lilac/white twin 4 horn ewe

Rocky Acres Rosemary- Our largest  ewe with a very nice fleece, strong 4 horns and great conformation. She has a strong lilac and 4 horn background and is a very regal ewe indeed. This girl has produced many nice lambs for us with great fleeces.




           Mud Ranch Vincent


            Swallow lane Xena


             J.S.B.A. Pending

             D.O.B. 3/12/2012

    30% black/white twin 2 horn ewe



Ruby Peak Zinnia-  A lovely two horn girl with a very pretty fleece, wide horn set, long straight body, beautiful markings and striking ice blue eyes. She produced twin ewe lambs as a yearling for us with the same ice blue eyes and body style.



Never Winter Brahm


Painted Rock Nalanie


J.S.B.A. C127-12

D.O.B.  3/16/2012

35% Lilac/white twin 5 horn ewe



Painted Rock Promise - I had the chance to purchase this pretty 5 horn ewe and I'm so glad I did. She is lovely and has a wonderful fleece that is extremely open and locky. She brings in some very unique bloodlines to our flock.





Mud Ranch Linden


Windy Acres Faith


J.S.B.A. D001-14

D.O.B. 3/3/2013

30% lilac/white twin 4 horn ewe



Windy Acres Bronagh- I really like this 4 horn ewe! Stunning to look at and nice strong 4 horns, pretty fleece and marbled blue eyes. She is a calm and friendly girl.







Eagle Creek Magic


Never Winter Mocha


J.S.B.A. D015-15

D.O.B. 3/19/2014

20% lilac/white single 2 horn ewe



Shadow Mountain Destiny-  Born on my twins birthday was a clue she was special. What a lovely 2 horn lamb, even from birth, that has such presence and charm. She has her mothers lovely fleece, blue eyes and attractive overall looks, that little bit of leg flash doesn't hurt either.






Perfect Spot Sahara


Rocky Acres Rosemary


J.S.B.A. E029-15

D.O.B. 1/24/2014

45% lilac/white triplet 2 horn ewe


Shadow Mountain Glamour- Another lovely 2 horn triplet lamb out of Rosemary. She is so very friendly and has a very long finer crimpy fleece with good markings. We have nicknamed her "Velcro" for short as she is always right next to us when we are in the barn or pasture. pasture.




Unzicker Milo


Newberry Anthem


J.S.B.A. D032-15

D.O.B. 3/24/2014

40% black/white single 5 horn ewe



Shadow Mountain Athena-  Born a big single girl she is growing fast. 4 horns and such a lovely even fleece with great balanced markings on her. She is inquisitive but not to friendly like her Mother but lets us scratch her chest and chin.

  Ewe Lambs  



Shadow Mountain Honor


Ruby Peak Zinnia


JSBA Pending

D.O.B. 2/24/2015

45% lilac/white twin 2 horn ewe

Shadow Mountain Shelby-  A 2 horn lilac ewe lamb with bright blue eyes like her sire. She has   her sires soft even fleece with a lovely fine crimp and pretty markings. We will watch her grow     and breed her in the fall of 2016. .




Mud Ranch Linden


Windy Acres Magpie


JSBA Pending

D.O.B. 4/11/2015

65% black/white 4 horn twin ewe

Windy Acres Macie- Beautiful 4 horn ewe lamb with a real pretty fleece, strong horns and nice markings. She has a lilac sire so she is a carrier of the lilac gene but is a black/white ewe. Lovely all around girl.


Shenanigans (Sheena)


Kenleigh's Reno


Mud Ranch Lily Grace


JSBA Pending

D.O.B 1/28/2015

25% black/white twin 2 horn ewe

Kenleigh's Shenanigans-  Another nice lamb from Oregon sired by my favorite ram .   Shena has stunning horns, a long correct body, a feminine overall look and a very nice finer fleece.





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