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                   Hold- Means that someone has an interest and wants to watch the lamb mature.

                                                                                                             Reserved- A deposit or full sale price has been received.

                                                                                                             Sold- The Sheep/Lamb has left the farm for it's new home.


 For inquiries please contact us at or (253) 891-1042  we will  be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you would like any additional pictures, info or fleece samples we would be happy to send some. Please see sales policy at bottom of page.





Lambs will be watched and evaluated for breed quality and priced at the age or 2-3 months old.

-Reference Sires for 2015 Lambs-

Moose Mountain P.B.-

Bred to-  Rosemary and Mocha


Eagle Creek Magic-

Bred to Darcy Bronagh and Promise


Unzicker Milo-

 Bred to Anthem,


Bred to Zinnia


-2015 Jacob Lambs-  

Shadow Mountain Chief

Moose Mtn. P.B. X  Rocky Acres Rosemary



4 horn lilac/white triplet ram

 blue eyes.

On Hold



Shadow Mountain Commander


Moose Mtn. P.B. X  Rocky Acres Rosemary


Born- 1/14/2015

4 horn lilac/white triplet ram.

blue eyes



Shadow Mountain Captain

Moose Mtn. P.B. X  Rocky Acres Rosemary

Born- 1/14/2015

4 horn lilac/white triplet ram

 blue eyes


$100. Pet quality


Shadow Mountain Hawk

Eagle Creek Magic X  Painted rock Promise

Born- 2/1/2015

4 horn lilac/white single ram


On Hold





Shadow Mountain Cassidy



Eagle Creek Magic X Windy Acres Bronagh


2 horn lilac/white twin ram

blue eyes







Shadow Mountain Sundance


Eagle Creek Magic X  Windy Acres Bronagh


Born- 2/7/2015

4 horn lilac/white twin ram




Shadow Mountain Scarlet


Shadow Mountain Honor X  Ruby Peak Zinnia


Born- 2/24/2015

2 horn black/white twin ewe

Ice blue eyes

Very friendly lamb





Shadow Mountain Shelby


Shadow Mountain Honor X  Ruby Peak Zinnia


Born- 2/24/2015

2 horn lilac/white twin ewe

Ice blue eyes

Very friendly lamb


Staying here



Shadow Mountain Sarge


Unzicker Milo X  Newberry Anthem


Born- 3/5/2015

4 horn black/white single ram







Shadow Mountain Willow


Moose Mtn. P.B. X  Never Winter Mocha


Born- 3/15/2015

2 horn twin lilac ewe

Blue eyes

Such a beautiful fleece on this girl.


Staying here



Shadow Mountain Cedar


Moose Mtn. P.B. X Never Winter Mocha


Born- 3/15/2015

2 horn twin lilac ram


On hold








Adult Jacob Sheep for Sale






Shadow Mountain Honor

Proven 2 horn lilac ram with crystal blue eyes.

Incredible fleece on this yearling ram.


He will be available after he breeds

some ewes in the fall of 2015.





Eagle Creek Magic

4 horn lilac ram


Magic has proven himself with us passing on his lovely fleece and blue eyes to all his lamb. He will be leaving here in October 2014 after he breeds a few ewes.





















Sales Policy


Deposit - If you would like to reserve an animal, a $50. non-refundable deposit is required to hold each animal.  The balance is due when the animal leaves the farm, or upon delivery. Failure to take delivery of a reserved animal after the reserved animal becomes four months of age will lead to forfeiture of the deposit. Lambs will be held no longer than four months  of age unless arrangements are made ahead of time and full payment may be required to hold them longer.


Shipping/Travel - All expenses - including shipping, travel crate, vet check-up, health certificate, and any further testing (required by you or the state you live in) is at the buyer's expense.  If you require delivery, please check with us in regards to the fees and availability.


Guarantees - It is our goal to sell quality breeding stock, so all of our breeding quality Jacob Sheep are sold with a registration guarantee up until 6 months of age. If a breeding stock animal fails registration we will refund your payment for that animal or apply the original purchase price to another animal of equal value when available.


Discounts - If you would like to purchase several animals from us, we will offer the following discounts:  3 or more  = 10%


Thank you for taking the time to consider Shadow Mountain Jacobs, we appreciate your business.


For more information, please contact us:


Dan & Mary Tonkin

(253) 891-1042


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